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  • STS

    STS is an Android-based mobile application that exploits various contextual factors (e.g., weather, time and location) to provide tourists and other users with recommendations for attractions, events, public services, restaurants, and much more for the South Tyrol region of Italy.

  • History

    STS was officially launched in September 2013 by the two PhD students Matthias Braunhofer and Mehdi Elahi and their supervisor Prof. Francesco Ricci at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. Since then it has been continuously updated, and it has been showcased at various events, such as Klimamobility, Innovation Festival and Lunga Notte della Ricerca.

  • Technical

    STS makes use of the most comprehensive databases offered by LTS (Regional Association of South Tyrol's Tourism Organizations), the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, the Municipality of Bolzano, TIS and SASA. It uses innovative mathematical models that can support tourist decision making with personalized context-aware recommendations. It exploits predictions about the state of the environment (parking, weather and traffic).

Search & Recommendations

Search and get recommendations for places of interest in South Tyrol that suite your taste and contextual conditions.


Find the route to a selected place with your private (bicycle, car) or public transportation means (bus).

Contextual Information

Know the state of traffic, parking and weather conditions all around South Tyrol.

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Packed With Lots of Useful Features

STS provides many useful features and capabilities ranging from categorical search and context-aware recommendations to parking, traffic and weather status updates. We will be adding more exciting features in the near future, e.g., the integration of a multimodal routing engine, support to plan future visits to places, push recommendations as well as the possibility to run the app on Android Wear. So stay tuned!

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